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Huijing International Plaza Prepaid Power Management System
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Huijing International Plaza Prepaid Power Management System

  Project Location: Shanghai

  Implementation time: 2015

Project Description:

  The core of the four CBD business districts of Xujiahui, Huaihai Road, Hongqiao and Zhongshan Park. As one of the four sub-centers of Shanghai, Xujiahui has long been famous. Henglong Ganghui Square, Metro City, Oriental Commercial Building, Pacific Department Store, and landmark buildings are familiar. After nearly two decades of development, Xujiahui has become synonymous with prosperity, with complete commercial facilities, Grade A office buildings and high-end residential supply scarcity. However, in order to “transform and develop, upgrade and increase efficiency”, the development of Xujiahui continues. . Huijing International Plaza actively cooperates with Xuhui District Government to build this small-sized apartment: three levels of 137.63 and 237.54 can be sold separately. All of the 10th floor and above are sold at 1500 square meters, suitable for large customers, the property is Professional international property management experts for enterprises entering the building.

  This system mainly realizes power consumption monitoring and power management for Huijing International Plaza. The monitoring scope is 65 floors of DTSY1352-C merchant prepaid meters, and the bus directly accesses the B1 layer on-duty indoor serial port server, thereby realizing the data connection between the instrument on the bus and the monitoring host on the monitoring host. By using the Acrel-3000 intelligent prepaid management system, the problem of inconvenient management due to more merchants is solved, which is convenient to manage and saves manpower, and greatly reduces the investment of the property.

System implemented functions:

  1. Screen display: real-time data of measured values of all devices, various alarm information, and status information of computer monitoring systems;

  2. Power report: According to customer needs, custom development daily report, annual report, provide at any time to query, review, print;

  3. Alarm processing: Users can classify and filter alarms according to their own wishes, and classify alarms into different alarm windows. According to different alarm levels, alarms are used to launch pictures, light display, stripe flashing and different sound levels. ;

  4. Communication: Real-time display of the communication status of each device in the access system, can completely display the entire system network structure, can diagnose the network communication status of the system online, and automatically display the fault unit and fault location on the screen when a network failure occurs;

  5. SMS alarm prompt: When the remaining power is lower than the software setting limit, the SMS alarm will be given to prompt the user to recharge in time;

  6. User recharge: You can set the electricity price and recharge the user.

  7. Privilege management: It has perfect user management functions to avoid unauthorized operations.

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