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Design and Application of Power Management System in Jiading Judicial Center
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Design and Application of Power Management System in Jiading Judicial Center

  Project Location: Shanghai

  Implementation time: June 2011

Project Description:

 Jiading Judicial Center is located at the intersection of Baiyin Road and Yongsheng Road in Jiading New City. It covers an area of 85 mu and has a total construction area of 92,000 square meters. In June 2011, Anke Rui Electric Co., Ltd. undertook the power management system project of Jiading Judicial Center. The entire system uses the Acrel-3000 power management system to realize intelligent energy metering management for distributed acquisition and centralized control management.

The project has two power distribution rooms: 1# (Public Security Bureau), 2# (court, procuratorate), and 332 PZ series programmable intelligent electric meters are installed in the indoor power distribution cabinet. In order to realize the functions of real-time telemetry, power metering and energy report of power parameters, the system adopts Acrel-3000 power management software to achieve centralized management and centralized control, eliminating the cumbersome on-duty meter reading of on-duty personnel, with less investment, concise and practical. Easy to manage intelligently.

System implemented functions:

  The system is designed according to the actual needs of the customer, and realizes a main wiring diagram interface display; electrical parameter telemetry and electrical parameter over-limit alarm; event record; system operation abnormal monitoring; fault alarm and operation record; report query and printing; system load real-time Main functions such as history curve and user rights management.

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