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Suzhou Jinlu Middle School Power Management System
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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Suzhou Jinlu Middle School Power Management System

  Project Location: Jiangsu Suzhou

  Implementation time: August 2011

Project Description:

Jinhao Middle School is located in the center of Suzhou Jinyu New City, north of Huxin Road, west of Xinlian Road and east of Zhongxuan North Road. The planned area is 48,653 square meters (about 73 acres), planning and construction. The area is 39,856 square meters.

There is a transformer and distribution room in Suzhou Jinyu Middle School. The whole distribution system mainly has 2 sets of 10/0.4 kV distribution transformers and 2 rows of high-voltage inlet cabinets. A total of 62 low-voltage 4 10kV medium-voltage inlet and outlet cabinets have realized the whole School electricity supply. The power management system of the project mainly manages 62 in-out loops and 10kV distribution loops in the substation, realizing real-time telemetry of power parameters, energy metering, and energy report.

The ACR220E network power meter designed and manufactured by Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. is installed in each input and output circuit of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet of this project. It has three-phase voltage, three-phase current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency and active power. A variety of electrical parameters such as electric energy, reactive energy, etc., with 4 photoelectric isolation switch input contacts and 2 relay control output contacts, with RS485 communication interface.

System implemented functions:

  1. Perform statistics, analysis and calculation on the real-time data collected by the signal acquisition system, and store the data periodically and generate reports.

  2. Real-time display of various information screens of the power distribution system, including real-time information of the current status of each circuit breaker, current voltage, current, and power of each circuit.

  3. The load trend curve provides the load trend of the loop over a period of time.

  4. View real-time trip alarm information.

  5. Support history query, printing and other functions.

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