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Basic Information:

  Project Name: Design and Application of Power Monitoring System of Suzhou Medical Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

  Project Location: Jiangsu Suzhou

  Implementation time: August 2011

Project Description:

This project is the result conversion factory of Suzhou Bio-Nano Engineering Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, with a construction area of ??approximately 14,000 square meters. In August 2011, Ankerui Electric Co., Ltd. undertook the power monitoring system project of Suzhou Medical Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The entire system uses the Acrel-2000 power monitoring system to perform distributed data collection and centralized monitoring and management of the variable power distribution system. The secondary equipment of the power distribution system is networked, and the field devices of the distributed power distribution stations are connected as an organic whole through the computer and the communication network to realize remote monitoring and centralized management of the power grid operation.

The monitoring system mainly realizes the power monitoring and power management of the 10/0.4kV power distribution system of the Suzhou Medical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; the monitoring scope is the T3 and T4 transformer incoming cabinets of the first floor substation, the liaison cabinet, the temperature controller and T1, T2 transformer inlet cabinets, liaison cabinets, temperature controllers, high-voltage side meters and comprehensive insurance for remote real-time monitoring and power management at the second floor substation. The system has a total of 110 instruments (including 100 ACR220E, 6 ABB, 4 temperature controllers), divided into 7 buses, including 3 buses on the first floor substation and 4 buses on the second floor substation. The substation is directly connected to the serial server through the shielded twisted pair bridge to the duty room, and then connected to the monitoring host through the network cable to realize the data connection between the instrument on the bus and the monitoring host.

System implemented functions:

  1. Data collection and processing. Data collection is mainly completed by the underlying multi-function network instrument, realizing local real-time display of remote data;

  2. Human-computer interaction. Real-time dynamic refresh of the screen; analog display; digital display; continuous recording display;

  3, diachronic events. The diachronic event viewing interface mainly provides convenient and friendly human-computer interaction for the user to view the fault records, signal records, operation records, and over-limit records that have occurred before;

  4. Database creation and query. Mainly complete remote measurement and remote signal timing collection, and establish a database, and generate reports on a regular basis for users to query and print;

  5. User rights management. Set different permission groups for different levels of users;

  6, remote report query. The report management program can filter, combine, and count the data processed in the system to generate report data required by the user.

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