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source:Huatian (ht) tECHNOLOGY group
 25 Dec 2003

Established TSHT

20 Nov 2007

Listed on SZSE, stock code 002185

Jan 2008

Added Huatian Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd

Main products: QFN, BGA, LGA, wafer probe, final test

Oct 2011

Started operation in  Tianshui Technology Park

Total land area: 320,000m2

1Q 2011

Acquired 30% holding of Kunshan Q-tech Co., Ltd

Main products: CIS, WLC, WLO, WLCSP

4Q 2014

Increased stake in Kunshan to 80%

Increased WLO capacity to 200mm 8K/mth, 300mm 5K/mth

1 Apr 2015

Completed acquisition of FlipChip International LLC

Main products: wafer bumping,

Cu Pillar

WLCSP, SOIC, PDIP, QFN, wafer probe, final test

Added Shanghai and Phoenix operations

1 Apr 2015

Latest market capitalization: RMB13.1Bn or USD2.1Bn

Second largest Chinese OSAT by revenue

Ankeri Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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