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Alex Hua Tian science and technology sixth quality knowledge contest ended successfully
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December 6th, Alex Hua Tian science and technology sixth quality knowledge contest finals.
In order to implement group second session of the four staff members of Congress, chairman of the proposed "strengthening Huatian brand building" the guiding spirit, under the care of the leadership of the company, under the support of the leaders of each department, held on the theme of the "to enhance the quality and efficiency, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Huatian technology," the sixth quality knowledge contest.
The current quality knowledge competition from September through the preliminary planning, the examination and selection of various departments, a total of 150 teams (450 employees). The competition started in October 10th, after 25 games, the 5 semi-finals, the final round of 5 finals. December 6th final scene, a total of 3 teams to make a homemade, 2 of the three teams to make the game. It is worth mentioning is increased the final video questions, achieved good results, through the form of illustrations, the production line process the most common problem list, allow the player to find the abnormalities and pointed out anomalies, so accustomed to the scene of the error by way of video playback, employees can deepen the impression and good results have been achieved.
In all aspects of the finals, the players are full of energy, serious answer; field cheerleading is ebullient, each team cheering, shouting "Huatian, gas!" , makes the atmosphere on the market high. Finally in the 5 round of fierce competition, 4 teams won the first prize in the quality of knowledge competition, 1 teams won the two prize, the 19 team won the three award, 8 teams and 4 teams to make a three team award.
After the end of the final, Alex Hua Tian, director of science and technology production, Mr. Zhang Yunchao on the current quality of knowledge contest to make a summary of the organization, the organization of the quality of knowledge competition to give full recognition. And asked all units to quality quiz show of "scientific, standardized, accurate, rigorous" quality consciousness into the actual production, quality management, the quality of knowledge application of continuation and innovation.
So far, in order to comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Alex Hua Tian science and technology as the theme of the sixth session of the quality of knowledge contest ended successfully. Let us take the "quality knowledge contest" as an opportunity to call on staff concerned about quality, quality, quality and behavior, and enhance the quality of full participation in the implementation of the quality of the first spirit. The "quality first" to implement our daily production activities, carry out to the cadres at all levels of employees daily decisions and action, to comprehensively improve the quality and enhancing Huatian brand "to achieve our development goals.
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