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Alex Hua Tian technology sixth quality knowledge contest ended
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On November 14, 15, after the promotion team of intense race contender, Huatian technology sixth quality knowledge contest the semi-finals ends smoothly.
Semi-finals were carried out in five games, six departments 25 teams (75 players) to take part in the competition, every game to qualify a team, through intense competition competition every promotion team for the finals were of a 19 teams, 4 teams, three of the eight team, a team 1, 4 team.
The semi-finals process consists of four steps, one will be part of the answer. Through this link to inspect the quality of the basic knowledge of the team members and team quality awareness.
Two, grab the answer link. Mainly inspects the staff to the quality question the response ability. Three, the risk of links. Investigate the application ability of the staff to the quality knowledge. Four, case analysis of the link, mainly inspects the quality problem analysis ability. Make the scene the audience to be personally on the scene, the careful discrimination occurs in own side true quality question case, mutual exchange, mutual discussion each detail. Key points for the complete resolution of quality problems. The occurrence of abnormal quality in the prevention work.
Competition process, the scene of the audience to cheer for the players to cheer, the leadership of the various departments to lead the audience are also actively involved in the field of answer session, making the game live atmosphere active and exciting.
In November 28th, the sixth session of the quality knowledge contest will be the final. First, the second, will be decided in third and fourth, looking forward to the team in the finals of the wonderful show.
Through quality knowledge contest the semi-finals, further deepened the understand the quality of knowledge employees, create the everyone is concerned about the quality, everyone pay attention to the quality of the good atmosphere.
(quality management department Zhang Bo)
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