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Multi chip, multi stack integrated circuit construction project environmental protection acceptance
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On the afternoon of January 27, environmental protection bureau deputy director Xu dong-m ing and management section chief Mei Xinghong et al in accompanied by Xue, vice general manager of Huatian Technology Co., Ltd. multi chip, multi stack advanced integrated circuit construction projects were acceptance of environmental protection.
Acceptance at the meeting, director Xu pointed out that enterprises should attach great importance to environmental protection work, enterprises as practitioner of concrete, it is necessary to strengthen the daily supervision and inspection, ensure that the sewage discharge standards. And asked us to establish and perfect facilities operation and maintenance regulations, ensure pollution control facilities for the normal operation, to play its due role; strengthen the management of hazardous waste, hazardous waste generation, collection and disposal of the whole process in the effective monitoring, to prevent the environmental impact.
Finally, Xue, vice general manager of, through the efforts of the company for nearly a year, urban sewage pipe network has been connected to plant the total sewage outfall, after connected to the sewage can be into the sewage treatment plant, can perform three level sewage comprehensive discharge standard, greatly reduce the burden on enterprises, reduce the production cost; and hazardous waste now by the provincial hazardous waste center unified collection and management, to meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency proposed the, truly the development concept of green environmental protection enterprises.

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