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I started with 2015 ----760 and more than employees to participate in the new year's long run activities
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January 1, 8:30, a plant personnel from Huatian Group factory gate of via Shuang Qiao Nan Lu, temporary bridge for opposite party, began along the river retrace, after temporary Qinghua factory bridge back to the starting point; plant personnel starting from Huatian Electronic Science and Technology Park factory gate, via Chi Yu Road, pass Lianhuo under the viaduct into Ying Chi Lu, again along the embankment into by River Road, to Qinghua factory temporary bridge back to Huatian Group factory gate; the by long-distance race activity lasted nearly three hours.
Although the weather is cold winter morning, but did not affect the employees to participate in the running of the interest. More than 760 employees facing early 2015 rise sun along storage with crystal clear water and by the river, in each other cordially greet and bless, to take part in the long run. (reporter Li Wenping)
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