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English training for Internationalization
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In order to achieve the company "domestic first-class, the world famous" the grand goal, to adapt to the international development of the road, English learning in the company has become particularly urgent. Therefore, since October 2014, the company organized the first group of English learning classes, pre training a number of technical management team with a higher level of english.
From October 11, every Saturday morning at 9:00-12:00, Huatian apartment on the sixth floor training room will Ruqierzhi outgoing Lang Lang's first team students English learning sound. Classes on the first day, the instructor training requirements of each student use English to do a self introduction, through the introduction of the students English level of diagnostic and screening, and tailored to the student learning materials. The follow-up training mainly about professional English terminology of packages, the student's English introduced to carry out the tricks of the English game, watch the lively and interesting English movies, enjoy the romantic soothing songs in English in their daily life, and other forms. These novel and interesting training methods, played an immediate effect, students in a relaxed and pleasant environment to learn English knowledge, feel the charm of english. Through the classroom learning and after class to digest, and gradually master English skills, improve their English level.
Until now, English training has been carried out in the period of 11, first student teams in a good English learning atmosphere under the influence and maintained a full of enthusiasm for learning English, big step forward in the knowledge of English learning, have a different degree of progress and harvest. At the same time, the atmosphere in the company gradually infiltrated, this kind of enthusiasm in the company's internal quietly passed, more and more employees began to focus on improving their English level. Team - the first English learning also in driving the others. For the following English learning class students set a good example, the pace for the more staff is stepping forward, to enrich themselves, service companies and good hope in sailing.
As the English training for the first team of trainers mainly by Huatian technology, general manager of Li Liujun, technical director Gao Rui, industrial engineering director Yang Wenzheng, quality assurance, Minister of Sun Fusheng, and English level eight staff Feng Minjuan, Bao Junxia, Jia Siyuan, Wu Qianliu, Zhao Rui Ping et al. The first team is mainly composed of ministers and staff, including 40 students and 8 participants.
After the end of the first team learning, will continue to form more learning classes, continue to be the first team lecturer and the first team students as lecturers. Will continue to explore new English training mode, and constantly expand the English learning team, the English learning gradually penetrate into the daily work of the staff, for the company to prepare for the internationalization of English foundation. (Human Resources Department Bo Yingying)
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